Great products are build on a great Product Architecture

Season 1, Episode 54
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Today we explore our product architecture. We have been talking with Jim van de Waal about product organizations. We spoke to our Agile at Scale friends about product organisations and Agile at Scale. Now it is time to talk about the foundation to build these on.

What the episode covers

We call this the product architecture.

We believe that a lot of companies are in the same transformation. Years ago we dealt with a 'monolith architecture'. We transformed this architecture in a 'microservices architecture'. And now it's time for the next logical step in evolution: the transition into a 'product architecture'. We discuss why it is needed and what it will solve. We asked our guests about the steps we took so far and the first pilots we are starting. Above all we wanted to know what we learnt so far. If you want to leave a reaction, go to Twitter @bol_com_Techlab, mail us at or reach out to the hosts directly.


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