Innovation Rhythm - How to drink less coffee and achieve more

Season 2, Episode 52
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Ever since we recorded the podcast about Agile @ Scale, we wanted some of the people involved again in our show. We care about the topic. Think there is a lot to tell and learn.

What the episode covers

And it is of interest to a lot of our listeners. That is why at least we think it is awesome that this episode is about Innovation Rhythm - How to drink less coffee and achieve more.

In the first Agile@Scale episode we talked about the 'Why' of Agile@Scale, the flight levels of Klaus Leopold. OGSM and OKR processes and the first step of this transition. We talk July 2019, so time to find out what happened since.


  • Judith Verkerk – People Lead in Retail Technologies at; She is in the show because of her contributions as Domain Lead for Retailer in the group of Domain Leads.
  • Hessel de Gelder – Agile Innovation Lead at Given that this is the second appearance in our podcast he now is “Friend of the show”.

Show notes

Another episode on Agile @ Scale

Business Agility

OGSM process (Objectives/Goals/Strategies/Measurements)

OKR format (objectives and key results)

Peter Brouwers

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Peter Paul van de Beek

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