Agile at Scale - Reality is complex, don't expect simple solutions

Season 1, Episode 13
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Agile at Scale. Ever since we started our journey into Agile and scrum, we have been wondering whether we were on the right path for business and IT agility. Way back when we were with 7 scrum teams scaling wasn’t the most important issue.

What the episode covers

With our growth came challenges for scaling our agile way of working. We have been on a few plateaus where we were searching for the next step, as have been other companies on the same venture. Today we talk about some of the things we learned along the way of scaling agile and we look into where we stand today and what could be our next leap. Our guests of today are deep into this. They are part of the “transformation team”.


  • Jorien Brangert; Performed in many roles in the webshop. Got involved in agile at scale. Currently the lead in the “flight level stream”;
  • Hessel de Gelder; Has worked a lot on the supply chain side. Always has been interested in strategy and innovation. Currently the lead in the “product team stream”;

Show notes

Business Agility

The introduction of Microservices and the Man on the Moon project

Klaus Leopold - Flight Levels presentation at

Output vs Outcome driven

OGSM process (Objectives/Goals/Strategies/Measurements)

OKR format (objectives and key results)

Peter Brouwers

All articles by me

Peter Paul van de Beek

All articles by me