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We build IT. We run IT. We love IT.

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For over 13 million people in the Netherlands and Belgium, bol.com is their go-to online shop. On our platform, they can find over 34 million products. These items are not just offered by bol.com but primarily by our 47,000 partners: entrepreneurs who work together with bol.com to reach their customers. Together we aim to create the best online retail tech platform for our customers and partners, giving them a personal and inspiring experience. To achieve that goal we research, innovate, experiment and build. Every day

You build IT, you run IT, you love IT

That is our motto. At bol.com, our tech teams build software using our skills, creativity and cutting edge technology. We ensure our systems run 24/7, dealing with peaks of 7000 customer requests per second during the holidays. We always strive to build the best for our customers. And together with other disciplines in our product teams we keep on iterating and learning to improve the things we make.

You build IT, you run IT, you love IT.

Continuous improvement.

All 150+ innovation teams work autonomously. Our tech stack is expansive – we use Google cloud platform, Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, React, and much more. But our colleagues and their teams decide what works for them. At bol.com we trust you to do what works best for your product.

We believe in continuous improvement. Over the last 20 years, bol.com has grown massively and continues to evolve, which means it is essential to build high-quality tech products continuously.

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Take a peek into the tech world at bol.com. Learn about our experiments, our projects, our failures and our way of working. We’re confident you will enjoy it as much as we do!