Software Parade; the fun way to create an overview of hundreds of applications in Neo4J

Season 1, Episode 11
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One of the challenges in a (micro-)service landscape is to keep track of all capabilities in the services. Another is to keep track of the consumers of your service and the consumers beyond. Taking our IT landscape as an example: we work with over 120 teams on over 850 different applications varying from services, GUI’s, services, data builders and other types of applications. In an environment like ours, it’s crucial to understand what applications we have, what functionality they offer and who are working on them.

What the episode covers

In the past, the list of applications was maintained on our confluence pages, by hand. Later, engineers integrated properties data to become more accurate and recently a team stood up to make it ‘spot on’. One single source of truth. It’s called Software Parade.

To keep track of these we use our Software Parade. It is created and maintained with a level of fun and enthusiasm that is contagious. If you listen to this episode, you can feel the level of passion for coding and create great solutions that radiate from those involved in shaping the Software Parade. So we think it is safe to say that this is a fun way to create an overview of hundreds of applications.

Software Parade is created on a Graph Database. A Graph Database relies on Graph Theory to store, map and query nodes, edges (also called graphs or relations), and properties to these. Since for the task at hand, the relations or graphs between objects are very important a Graph Database seems a good choice. We choose Neo4j to build the Software Parade.


Kristel Nieuwenhuys; Architect with services and applications for our internal organisation in her portfolio. Besides that, she is the product owner of one of our webshop teams.

Ronald Willems; Responsible for the IT Architecture within the department Customer Service and Financial Operations at So for example for the Intent recognition, we talked about a few episodes back.

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