How is life with Jim van der Waal - Product Manager at Onefootball

Season 2, Episode 51
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Almost a year ago we spoke to Jim van der Waal, a former colleague and now working as a Product Manager at OneFootball. Back then he had just delivered his presentation: “Scary close to autonomous teams” during the Spaces Summit 2019. Recently Jim posted a range of blog posts, with topics like: Product Owner vs. Product Manager: what is the difference? Making SLO’s fast Product Teams: striving for Autonomy & reaching for Business Agility Which triggered questions like: Would the teams be fully autonomous now? How are things with Jim? What did Onefootball discover and learn this year?.


Jim van der Waal; now works as Product Manager at Onefootball in Berlin. Before that, he started as Information Analyst in 2014 at and built up a broad experience in roles like Scrum Master, IT Project Manager and Product Owner. Always engaged with how can I improve the product, the organization and ... himself.

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