Japanese cucumbers, boomerangs and utopias

When Google's Robert Kubis walked on to the stage I never expected his keynote would touch on the topic of Japanese cucumber farms. Google's machine learning toolkit powers the cucumber sorter, apparently. That must've been a fun dataset to train.

Japanese cucumbers, boomerangs and utopias

Meetup: Practice Java, Testing and Clean Code

On Monday the 3rd of July we would like to welcome you to join our Java practice. What to expect: Agenda 17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in18:00 Food & drinks18:30 Let's do some exercises!21:30 Wrapping up Food-wise bol. com has organized a buffet for non-vegetarian and...

Meetup: Practice Java, Testing and Clean Code

DevOps Utrecht June meetup @

Join us on the 22nd of June at the DevOps Utrecht Meetup! For this meetup we have a talk from Maurice Zeijen about Resilience engineering in a microservice landscape. Brian Engel will close this evening by taking us into the world of the Dutch Police and how they've adopted DevOps. Schedule:18:00 - Doors open.

DevOps Utrecht June meetup @ @ Agile Amsterdam 2017

Are you going to Agile Amsterdam? Be sure to check out bol. com on the 21st of September! Me and Mary Gouseti (Software Engineer) will be presenting a hands-on case from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM (track 1). You’re in for a treat, as we are pairing up to give you a complete picture. @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Techlab with Michael Bolton

What is testing? What is the testing role? Is testing a demonstration that a product fulfills its declared functional requirements? If machinery can be programmed to check hundreds and thousands of functions in a second, do we need testers any... Techlab with Michael Bolton

Unboxing - IT Young Professional Event

Sign up Bol. com is not only the largest online retailplatform in the Netherlands and Belgium. But we are also an innovative IT campus where it never feels like business as usual, where you have the right to challenge everything.

Unboxing - IT Young Professional Event

'Ultimate Go' with William Kennedy

Do you want a jump start at learning Go? Now’s your chance! Bill Kennedy will be giving his 3-day “Ultimate Go” course this summer at bol. com HQ. This class will give you an intense, comprehensive and idiomatic view of the language.

'Ultimate Go' with William Kennedy welcomes Ladies that UX-Utrecht

Bol. com proudly presents our first Women in Tech meetup! We think it is possible connect women working or interested in trends and innovation in tech. Also, we aim to make waves in the technology sector by helping women discuss and take action on issues such as bridging the gender gap. welcomes Ladies that UX-Utrecht