The Road to Devoxx

Season 1, Episode 25
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In this episode, we talk about a way to be inspired and inspiring others, learn from each other and grow your network: Conferences! And more in detail our colleague's road to Devoxx Belgium 2019. At we are challenged to present our stories inside and outside Inside we have our great Spaces Summit and meetups, Outside we speak at several conferences. That seems more challenging to a lot of colleagues.

What the episode covers

Especially if it is a conference of 5 days, over 200 speakers and sessions and over 3200 attendees. And our three guests present there. They share their road to Devoxx Belgium.


Show notes

Re-design for the cloud: a real-life example of horizontal scaling.

Spaces summit, our internal conference

The power of storytelling

Peter Brouwers

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Peter Paul van de Beek

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