Spaces Summit 2019 - Part I

Season 1, Episode 8
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Three years ago a group of enthusiastic engineers gathered together during the Friday drinks. They wanted to interact more in the growing organization. Learn more from each other by sharing cool stories.

What the episode covers

The plan for a tech summit was born, they called it Spaces Summit.

Three years later the 3rd edition in succession is organized by a dedicated team of committed engineers. It’s the 13th of June and the Techlab Podcast team is on the Spaces Summit location to give you an impression of the Spaces Summit.

We interviewed one of the committee members to tell you the What, Why and Who. More important we had small interviews with some of the presenters to give you an impression and to share the key takeaways with you. To add to the impression, we share quotes from the audience with you. There were so many interesting things to share that we decided to create 2 podcasts for you. One for this week and one for next week.

Please bear with us, we set up our mobile studio equipment the best we could, but as we were at this great location, you might hear some background noise and disturbance.

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Jurrie van Rooijen; Tech Director in

Niels Kuiper; software engineer and as committee member answering our questions on the What? Why? And Who?

Lisanne de Rooij; member of the Vattenfall Solar Team and Keynote Speaker at Spaces Summit: “Showing the world the power of high-end technology and sustainable energy”.

Bart Enkelaar; Software Engineer and SRE advocate in and Speaker at Spaces Summit: “Bottom-up SRE- Making an informed decision between tech-dept and innovation”.

Show notes

Spaces Summit; the 3rd edition of a tech summit for and by engineers and friends. This edition had a 500 people audience of which 80 external and 40 friends of.

Vattenfall Solar team; the team of 16 TU Delft students. During this episode, we talked about the 8 winning factors of a team of which teamwork is the most important. Next to that Lisanne explains the way or working with protocols well. She’s looking forward to the launch of the NunaX, the 16th of July.

Site Reliability Engineering; SRE is the way Google runs production systems. The framework goes back to 2003. Bart explains how it aligns business innovation into operations. SRE concepts like SLI, SLO and Error Budgets are being discussed. He answers the question, do you need an SRE team or not?

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