Spaces Summit v2.0 - “That t-shirt is not black, it is very dark blue”

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Yes, we made it again! Spaces summit 2018 - the IT conference by engineers, for engineers - happened again last 7th of June, on a hot summer day in our home town Utrecht.

The event brought together more than 340 participants from,, Google, as well as students from different Universities that were also invited.

This year we took feedback from last year’s event and went several steps further. Most notable are:

  • This event was held in external location
  • Our colleagues from joined
  • The whole IT department voted for the talks which have been chosen for the conference

While videos, sketchnotes (yes, we have talented and experienced sketchnotes makers in house) and slide decks from this event are being prepared for the following posts, here is a brief summary.

The day started with the registration process, carefully executed by our team managers. Then followed the opening talk by Jurrie van Rooijen, IT Director, and the keynote from Google. After that the regular talks started in three parallel sessions.

Talks included but were not limited to:

  • Languages: Kotlin and Rust
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Frameworks and tools
  • Some talks were on non IT subjects: how to get more concentration, human friendly explanation of Gravitational Waves and how Lean User Experience can be landed on Agile frameworks.

Want some more specifics? Check out our Techlab channel for all presentations.

During the breaks in between the talks you could try out VR glasses and a blockchain mining arcade machine in the lobby.

Speakers, besides healthy portion of adrenaline and questions got small rewards afterwards.

Last but not least, there was a team poster competition: teams presented themselves and the team with the best poster got a prize at the end of the day, during drinks.

Of course we are nowhere close to the scale of WWDC or Google IO, but a thousand mile journey starts with a single step.

Check out the after movie of this day:

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