Redesign for the cloud – horizontal scaling

Season 1, Episode 21
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We think "the Cloud" is to broad a subject to handle in one episode of the podcast. That is why we break down our cloud journey in small pieces and go over them in separate episodes. This time we dive into "Redesign for the cloud – horizontal scaling".

What the episode covers

In an earlier episode we discussed how we moved our Big Data to the Cloud, in the Cloud as an enabler to becoming more data-driven.

When moving applications and services to the Cloud we think about redesigning them, like in this case to enable non-functionals that weren't possible in our data centre. Horizontal scaling and especially auto-scaling has enormous advantages for some of our services. Together with Rogier and Rene, we talk about new possibilities and especially about design for the cloud – horizontal scaling.


Rogier Lommers - Friend of the show and Software Architect.

Rene Kroon - Software Engineer in our Platform Space. Where we deliver the building blocks that development teams use.

Show notes

Re-design for the cloud: a real-life example of horizontal scaling.

Going to Devoxx Antwerp? Join Rene Kroon at his presentation Scheduled on Thursday from 12:55 to 13:10 in Room 6

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