Product-led the engineering perspective

Season 2022, Episode 109
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What is a product-led organization? If you google it you will find a definition in the 1.4 billion answers similar to this: Product-led means being guided by the potential of products and product teams, and breaking down the silos between “the business” and “the product”. The business IS the product. At, we are on our own journey to discover what product-led means. And we see similarities with the other journeys like becoming Agile, implementing DevOps, move to the cloud we went through. Only when we start to ask our Engineers what they need it really starts to fly

What the episode covers

  • From your perspective what is a product-led organization?
    • Organization and roles.
    • How work comes to the team of how the teams find work.
    • Questions that are asked of engineers.
    • How people in teams collaborate.
  • How is it different for a software engineer compared to our Agile way of working?
    • Design and preparation
    • Implementing
    • Experimenting
    • Bringing to production
  • How did you get your first experience with this way of working?
  • Does it require new skills and habits from our engineers?
    • Or a more or less completely new mindset?
    • Was there something you struggled with
      • Taught you something new
      • Led to new insights
  • If there were one blog post, book, or video that engineers should consume, which one would it be?


Werner Hofstra, Product Tech Lead in Assortment & Selling

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