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Season 1, Episode 18
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In this episode of the podcast, we talk about accelerating organisations. We invited Jurriaan Kamer and Rini van Solingen to our studio. They recently launched their book - Formule X - Hoe zorg je voor extreme versnelling in je organisatie - at The English version, How to reach extreme acceleration in your organization, will be available before the holiday season.

What the episode covers

The subject of the book how to accelerate your organization is closely related to many subjects we talked about in our podcast series. For instance Agile at Scale and Speeding up by Testing.

Jurriaan and Rini are both very experienced in this field. They come up with great examples around themes like how to simplify and power to the people that do the work.


  • Jurriaan Kamer; Partner of The Ready focusing on Organizational Design and Transformation Consultant, Speaker and Author;
  • Rini van Solingen; Professor in global software engineering. CTO @ Prowareness. Expert in speed and agility of people and organizations, Speaker and Author;

Show notes

Formule X - The book on how to accelerate your organisation;

The FASTER model

Avondseminar: Formule X - Versnel je organisatie

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