Testing in autonomous teams - speed is everything

Season 1, Episode 15
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Testing in autonomous teams - speed is everything The role of testers has evolved in the last decade. Test automation has become the norm. So, testers have grown more towards developers.

What the episode covers

What are the skills they need to succeed? With the rise of autonomous teams and product teams, more and more tasks of testers moved to other roles like developers. What knowledge must be spread over these roles to ensure that we can release to PRO without fearing what will happen?

And there have been other evolutions like the one to more micro-service-oriented architectures and companies moving to the cloud. Both coming with their own challenges. What is the impact on testing and testers?


  • Joost van Wollingen; Consultant Quality and Test Automation at Xebia and former colleague at bol.com in a test role. The lead of the test guild. Who has grown really close to a software engineer? We have worked together in several settings here;
  • Ivo de Bruijn; Software engineer at bol.com who started in a test role;

Show notes

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Other notesIsolated testing - replacing the way testing in DEV and TEST was done. No more dependencies

Technical Aspects (like the introduction of Service Oriented Architecture) and Cultural Aspects (like the introduction of You Build It, You Run It, You love It) are both influencing the way testing is approached

Speed is key. if you create a fast feedback loop and it only needs 5 minutes to build, you stay in your context.

Shift Left vs Shift Right is explained. Earlier testing on DEV and do more on PRO.

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