Why would you build an open source FTP server in Rust? – Podcast

On 10-07-2021
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Why would you build an open source FTP server in Rust? – Podcast

Why build an open-source FTP server in Rust?

Sometimes, I must admit I’m a little dazzled by all the languages, frameworks and stuff our engineers work with. So, when our guest of today explained to me some of the intriguing aspects of the language we will be discussing in this episode I had to stretch my mind a little. I managed and could follow his explanation. And I found a great topic for this podcast.

In the episode, we explore the Rust programming language and our first open-source code in this language: unFTP. When you need to FTP but you don’t want to. We will show you the advantages of using this FTP server in the Cloud for the cases that still require you to FTP.

What we discussed

  • The programming language Rust
    • What is Rust and why is it so popular?
    • What programs are written in Rust?
    • Why should software engineers learn Rust?
  • The project unFTP
    • Why unFTP?
    • Where does the need for a cloud FTP server stem from?
  • unFTP as Open Source project
    • We open sourced unFTP. What are we trying to achieve by doing this?
    • What are the results so far?
    • Did it help that unFTP featured on This week in Rust?