How we tame Google Cloud resources with R2D2

Season 1, Episode 31
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How we tame Google Cloud resources with R2D2. We had some episodes on the cloud already. Now it’s time to discuss how combines the promises of the cloud and their requirements for Reproducibility and Reliability.

What the episode covers

For instance, balance infinite resources and ultimate autonomy with security.

Within we developed R2D2. R2D2 stands for our Reproducible Resource Deployment Definition tool which combines the functions of Terraform, Cloud SDK and Puppet Labs.

It helps us to ensure Recovery, Security, Self-service, Stability and Scalability in our move to the cloud.The reason we think we need to secure these aspects: has over 100 scrum teams innovating our IT-landscape with over 500 services. We must secure our 10 million customers' data and the data of our 23.000 sellers.


  • Jeroen Schutrup; Site Reliability Engineer in the team that develops the R2D2.
  • Quiran Storey; Site Reliability Engineer - just like Jeroen solving operation problems with software solutions.

Show notes

Overview of the R2D2 architecture

R2D2 Architecture

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