‘OK Google…..’ – the future of voice is here

On 31-07-2019
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‘OK Google…..’ – the future of voice is here

‘OK Google…..’ – the future of voice is here. Everybody with a Google Assistant on their phone or with Google Speakers installed uses this command more and more. It’s even used by radio DJ’s to make fun and just shout out commands to see what’s happening. And you know when people start making jokes with it, it’s becoming a success. There is a future for interaction by voice. Time to talk about this success with our two guests who were part of the team that introduced the future of voice in bol.com.

‘OK Google…., talk to bol.com’


  • Marieke Linssen; Interaction Designer with a focus on conversation design.
  • Marvin Zwolsman; Software Engineer in our Young Professional program He participated in the voice project.


Peter Paul van de Beek

Peter Brouwers

Show Notes

Google Home en Google Nest Hub – see our description on tech.bol.com here

Google Voice Interaction

Intent Recognition explained by Daniel Heres


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