Moving to multilingual, first step Wallonia

On 16-09-2020
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Moving to multilingual, first step Wallonia

Bonjour ! Félicitations messieurs, il y a seulement deux semaines, que le application multilingue est disponible dans les app-stores.
That’s how we started this episode. Congratulate our guests with the launch of the multilingual app. It was launched in the French-speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia. With this launch, over 5 million French-speaking Belgians were able to shop in their native language.

In this episode, we dive into this move to multilingual that started two years ago. After the ‘why’ and ‘when’ we go into the ‘how’. From both an architectural and project management perspective, this is really interesting. We share the best practices and learnings and close off with a small peak in what’s next.



Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek


Bert Kruismans – Belgium celebrity

Portfolio management by agile at scale

The app on apple

The app on android


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