Experimentation – it starts with courage and curiosity

On 29-01-2020
Category: Podcast

Experimentation – it starts with courage and curiosity

The two guests of our show work in our experimentation team. They set a target at the beginning of 2019: Our goal is to help hundreds of people at bol.com to run experiments (more effectively). So after a year of experimenting, we are very curious about what they learned and achieved. Let’s find out!


  • Denise Visser; Product Manager and Experiment evangelist
  • Maarten Zwart; Software Architect and data enthusiast


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek

Other things

We received feedback on the audio quality. Sometimes it’s hard to follow what the guests are saying because the quality is inconsistent. Very valuable feedback and we try to improve directly in this and upcoming episodes.

We run a small poll on twitter to find out what kind of category you like most, Pure Tech, Tech-Business Solutions or the Culture, way of working, etc.