Measuring 2.0 - Streaming measurements

Season 1, Episode 19
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The big question in this episode is “How can we create 10 million personalized webshops? Tailormade for every one of our customers so it suites their needs best?” In short, the answering is Measuring 2.0. This enables us to measure more accurately how customers are behaving in our webshop. This enables to give them a more personalized experience.

What the episode covers

We are aiming for a feedback loop of 1 second. So 1 second after and action was performed by a customer in our webshop the data is available for service that handles personalization and recommendations. These services, in turn, provide data to the webshop to create a personalized experience for every customer.


Show notes

Niels Basjes on Measuring at Berlin Buzz words 2019

Measuring 2.0 at Spaces Summit

Niels Basjes at Berlin Buzz words 2016

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