Utrecht JUG - Test Architectures & Hacking into Java web apps

Season 1, Episode 40
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We take a sneak peek into the Utrecht JAVA User Group (JUG) Meetup next week, February 24th. Topics will be: are End-to-End test architectures a Dead End road? And there will be some live hacking: Breaking into your Java web app. This will really give a feel for the importance of security.

What the episode covers

Besides that, we discuss with one of the founders of the Utrecht JUG why it's so great to be part of a community. He explains the great initiatives like for instance the Speaker Incubator the JUG offers.


  • Roy Braam; a Software Craftsman at JPoint. He loves Java, DevOps, and everything that comes with developing good solutions.
  • Thodoris Bais; Utrecht Java User Group Founder & Leader, Scrum Master @ABN Amro, Coach.

Show notes

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