The IT Girl - Chantal Schinkels

Season 2022, Episode 111
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Five years ago, Chantal found out she got a lower salary than a male colleague with less experience. Till that moment she was ok with the male-dominated Tech world. But this triggered her. She started reading about this topic, interviewed many people and decided to write this book. She became very passionate about this important topic which you can already feel when reading the book. And while interviewing her, Peter Paul and Peter were triggered many times by this passion.

What the episode covers

The Book

The book is an excellent combination of research, examples, tip&tricks and even a dedicated chapter for men.

It’s structured in three main parts:

I: Voordat je het ziet - before you see it; there is a lot of information about why the situation is like it. It is going back to the past and explains why it is such an important topic.

II: De ladder op – climbing the stairs; A lot of different work situations explained covered with tips to deal with this in a way close to yourself.

III: Breek het system – breaking the system; last but not least the way forward to make a huge step. A dedicated chapter for men, a manifesto for more women in Tech and ideas to deal with the broader picture in and outside the company.


  • Chantal Schinkels – Author of “de IT Girl
    • Years of experience in the world of Tech. Supports companies in e-commerce ventures. Speaker at tech events. Trainer. Author

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