The Buying Drip - A scoop of the 2nd book of Chantal Schinkels

Season 2023, Episode 115
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Chantal is on a mission. To make people aware of the buying drip or in Dutch "Koopinfuus". Together with Chantal we dive into this phenomenon and discuss what it is. We find out what the three pillars are that contribute to this drip. We make the connection with Tech. Tech empowers platforms like to use for the good and bad. Never before it was so important to be aware of this phenomenon and ask ourselves the question how we contribute to this. And just like her first book, it backed by a lot of research. The book will be released on the 17th of May and can be pre-ordered.

What the episode covers

We dive into the buying drip (koopinfuus) by asking ourselves the questions:

  • What is the buying drip? (Koopinfuus)
  • Is there something in the tech culture in general that's amplifying this?
  • What are the three pillars:
    • Marketing Tactics
    • Brain manipulation
    • Hyper personalization
  • How this is used for the good and bad


Chantal Schinkels - Social tech & e-commerce | Auteur "Het Koopinfuus" & “De IT Girl" | Professioneel Spreker | Columnist | LinkedIn Top Voice

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