Spaces Summit goes virtual - Organising our internal tech conference

Season 2, Episode 49
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Spaces Summit in corona time means Spaces Summit goes virtual. Maybe you remember from last year that we have an annual internal tech conference at Given the measures, in place, we can’t come together.

What the episode covers

So, we go for a digital online equivalent. We wanted to know what it takes to organise an event like this?

But we found out there's an even more important step before. It's getting the answer to the question "what are we going to do?" Many people and organisations who are organizing conferences, meetups, summits and other gatherings will recognize this. The preparation already started months before the date of the event. And than Corona kicked in and it wasn't safe and allowed anymore to do this event. So there's this question "what are we going to do?"

We start with a brief explanation of the Space Summit, what is it and why are we doing this in After that, we dive into this "what are we going to do?" question. After the decision to go virtual, our guests explain what it takes and takes differently to arrange everything for this virtual edition.


  • Michaela aus dem Spring – Tech Community Builder
  • Kostas Mavrikis – Software engineer and organising the Spaces Summit
  • Niels Kuiper – Software engineer and Cloud liaison, also in last years edition in the podcast about Spaces Summit so a friend of the show!

Show notes

Podcast Spaces Summit 2019 Part I and Part II

The platform used for broadcasting the streams: Microsoft Teams Events

The platform used for gathering the audience in a virtual way Google Chat for business

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