Spaces Summit 2019 - Part II

Season 1, Episode 9
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Three years ago, a group of enthusiastic engineers gathered together during the Friday drinks. They wanted to interact more in the growing organization. Learn more from each other by sharing cool stories.

What the episode covers

The plan for a tech summit was born, they called it Spaces Summit.

Three years later the 3rd edition in succession is organized by a dedicated team of committed engineers. It’s the 13th of June and the Techlab Podcast team is on the Spaces Summit 2019 location to give you an impression of the Spaces Summit.

In the previous episode of the podcast we interviewed one of the committee members to tell you the What, Why and Who and had small interviews with some of the presenters.

In part II of the spaces summit, we interview three presenters to give you an impression and to share the key takeaways with you. To add to the impression, we share quotes from the audience with you.

Please bear with us, we set-up our mobile studio equipment the best we could, but as we were at this great location, you might hear some background noise and disturbance.

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Leon van Tegelen; Tech Community Director in

Remco Overdijk; Expert Systems Engineer - presented “Surviving the Kubernetes jungle”

Ramona de Wit van Ark; Test lead Albert Heijn – Digital Development and founder of Stichting Kalyani – presented “Testing, anyone can do it, right?”

Roy Triesscheijn; Software Engineer at – presented “The Magic of real-time rendering in games”

Simonas Narbutas; System Engineer at – presented “Connecting your coffee table to wifi”

Show notes

Remco touched upon items in the Kubernetes domain. Think of the containers orchestration manager. He also explained what we implemented within to deliver the structures around the platform. We call this R2D2. (stream from 57 minutes)

Ramona talked about the three key values within Albert Heijn they have for testing:

  1. Team effort
  2. Investigation over validation
  3. Always give feedback

We dive into the difference between the explicit versus tacit things and even the Buurman and Buurman series is discussed. She uses this in her presentation to explain the way a mini agile team works. As a founder of the Stichting Kalyani she also explains what learnings she uses from that environment in her daily practice.

Roy takes us with him on his journey to explain the way games cope with the rendering aspects. He made a great comparison during his presentation between the relatively simple environment of (only text and images) in which it sometimes takes up to one second to render the page versus the game industry where rendering should only take 0.167 seconds at the max.Another aspect he’s touching upon is the difference in fixing issues.

Simonas talked about his hobby. He created an infinite table from a standard IKEA coffee table and connected it to his SMART home installation. Because he brought the actual table we asked him briefly how his talk went.

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