Sociotechnical Architecture to maximize impact

Season 2020, Episode 61
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In this episode, we touch a field that we don’t explore that much, Architecture. To be more precise: Sociotechnical Architecture to maximize impact. In a way, it's strange since Peter Paul has worked as an architect for quite a while.

What the episode covers

On the website of our guest,, it's called “co-design organizational and technical systems to maximize impact”. We think there is so much to explore in these words Sociotechnical Architecture so we asked Eduardo to join this show.

Sociotechnical Architecture to maximize impact

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We discuss what it is and also, why it is fundamental to maximize the impact of our products and the teams building & owning them. We discuss the 5 traits:

  1. Conway's Law
  2. Team Cognitive Load
  3. Team Boundaries & Interrelations
  4. Continuous Discovery & Delivery in Team
  5. Understand your context & Design based on that

And to make it tangible, we discuss this topic based on the great example Eduardo uses on his website as well: 'the restaurant' and we relate to examples within the tech community.


  • Eduardo da Silva; Technical Leader & Sociotechnical Software Architect at and friend of the show.

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