Spaces Talk #2: Introduction to Sociotechnical Architecture

I’ve had the great pleasure of giving a talk at the Spaces Summit 2020, the internal Tech conference.

About the talk

Maximizing the impact of our products is more than just thinking about their technical architecture. Doing so would lead to just partially optimizing their potential impact. Instead, we need to follow an approach that also recognizes people (i.e. the teams building the products) as a central element in the design space. This way of co-designing is termed "Sociotechnical Architecture".

In my talk on this topic, I first lay out why it is so important to take a sociotechnical approach to designing architecture. Subsequently, I present typical interactions and systems involved in Sociotechnical Architecture. Then, I deep dive into several core traits of this approach and offer strategies to address them appropriately. Finally, I provide state-of-the-art principles, methods and tools to approach Sociotechnical Architecture in a comprehensive manner. Are you interested in this topic? You can find more resources here:

I enjoyed giving this talk to 200+ people even in a remote setting! Thumbs up to the organizers of this event - it was flawless!

Take a look!

Eduardo da Silva

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