Shifting gears to maximize your personal productivity

Season 2020, Episode 58
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Welcome back after the summer holidays! Hope you were able to enjoy an awesome break. We took some time to prepare some great podcast episodes for you. Holidays, always a nice moment to reflect on things. One of the things might be your personal development and productivity.

What the episode covers

Saying yes to too many things, do these things add to my personal development, how do you keep track on all these commitments, how do you ensure you don’t drown and eventually don’t be productive at all. Sounds familiar to you these questions? Keep listening, we dive into the personal experiences with the two guests of the show.

We discuss some nice statements on personal productivity:

  • If I am invited for a meeting and I don’t know my value/contribution I skip the meeting.
  • I say “Yes” too easily so I need a strict WoW that helps and remind me to say no.
  • There’s no I in a team but there’s an I in Winner (Team over Person or not?).
  • Tools like GTD, Pomodoro etc are all useless. The only thing that matters is self-discipline.


Show notes

Your personal Northstar

Getting Real, by Basecamp

Share your personal goals in the team goals: Team Canvas

Gamify your life and reach your personal goals with Habitica

Write, plan and get organized with

Pillars, Pipelines and Vaults (PPP), by August Bradley

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