Prepare for the most wonderful time of the year - Season Readiness

Season 1, Episode 24
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In this episode we dive deeper into the IT aspects of a business topic. How to prepare for the peak load of the season – Black Friday, Sinterklaas, Christmas and even Singles Day is included. That is traditional a period where the load of basically everything increases dramatically.

What the episode covers

The slogan of the Season Readiness project that is preparing for all this is “Deliver careless holidays for our customer”.

During this period every piece of the puzzle must fit. When load triples items like scaling, reliability, page load-times, predictability, up-times and service dependencies come together. The webshop connects with appr. 60 services and downstream that amount counts up to over 600. How do we ensure that the experience of the customer is what they expect from the retail platform? And maybe even more important, how do we ensure that Sinterklaas and the Santa Claus have their presents in time avoiding this disappointed faces of kids?


both are Site Reliability Engineers with a strong focus on the webshop.

  • Sven Weeda; Service Delivery Manager in Shopping and IT Project Lead for the Holiday Season. Helping all teams in IT to prepare for the season.

Show notes

How we deal with emergencies during the season

perfect storm scenario

Site Reliability Engineering, Service Level Indicators (SLI's), Service Level Objectives (SLO's) - Bart Enkelaar discusses SRE in this episode, this is the Google definition

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