Neurodiversity - Two brave guests sharing their personal stories

Season 2023, Episode 113
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Neurodiversity is the idea that neurological differences, such as autism, ADHD, Tourette syndrome and dyslexia, should be recognized and respected as a natural form of human diversity, similar to cultural and ethnic diversity. The neurodiversity movement advocates for the rights and equality of individuals with neurological differences and promotes the idea that these differences should be celebrated and not stigmatized.

What the episode covers

We structured this episode about neurodiversity into a couple of main topics:

  • Introduction of the topic of neurodiversity and providing some background information about what it is and why it is important.
  • Share personal perspectives on neurodiversity; two very personal stories from the guests of our show.
  • Key Issues, Actionable Advice, conclusions and Call to action.
  • The famous closing round; what are the key takeaways from our guests?


Show notes


In this episode, we refer to the episode about the Inclusion of introverts

In the Netherlands you can also check out Neurodivergence and Mental Health in IT on Meetup

One of our listeners pointed out to a closed channel on Slack as well. Let us know if you want to know more.

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