Inclusion of Introverts

Season 4, Episode 100
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Welcome to episode number 100! A special show with a very interesting topic: Inclusion of Introverts and Introversion. We asked our CEO Margaret Versteden for a quote for this number 100. She surprised us with the fact that this topic is so important for her as she is dealing with this her whole life, as an introvert. So if you are an extrovert, we think this is a "must listen".

What the episode covers

It will help you to understand and to make the world and your environment safer for introverts. It is about the inclusion of everyone and the inclusion of introverts

Why is it so much harder for an introvert to be included than for an extrovert? To understand this, we first dive into questions like:

  • What is an introvert?
  • And what it is not, what are the common misunderstandings?
  • Why is it so important to be more aware of these differences?
  • We touch upon neurodiversity and neuro non-typical persons, as some of the requirements for a safe environment also applies for these groups.

After this understanding we dive into the environment:

  • What creates a safe environment? How to include diverse people?
  • What can you do as a facilitator?
  • We talk about meetings, presentations, standups, dealing with feedback, spark meetings and many more examples
  • We discuss tips and tricks to build a more inclusive environment

And we are confronted with our own bias, more than once.


Show notes

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