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Season 2022, Episode 104
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Over three years ago we published our third podcast episode. The topic of the episode was the Go programming language. We noted, “When you listen to the stories our two enthusiastic guests share in this episode, you might even believe Go is the future.” So, let's check in and see how things have evolved. The number of feature teams in bol.com using Go has grown. What else has happened? Our guests share their experiences and provide solid advice for starting your journey with Go.

What the episode covers

  • Introducing the Go programming language in an organisation
    • What do we like about Golang?
  • How to onboard people in the Go experience?
  • What is a good approach to deal with boilerpate code in Go?
    • Should you generate it? Or use a "framework"?
    • What frameworks are available?


Patrick Akil – Consultant, Software Engineer, Trainer in Go, Podcast Host

Albert Brand – Consultant at Xebia – Software Engineer, Go Trainer

Goos van den Bekerom – Software Engineer

Hannes de Jager – Software Engineer

Kevin van den Broek – Software Engineer

Show notes

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Peter Paul van de Beek

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