Axle the opinionated support for scrum teams

Season 1, Episode 6
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In this episode, we talk about Axle. Axle is our internal framework for building Java-based applications. Well actually as you will learn in this episode it is not a framework.

What the episode covers

It is an opinionated approach to building Java applications like Spring Boot is an opinionated view of the Spring platform and third-party libraries so you can get started with a minimum of hassle.

Since internally we use the same thing for cross-cutting concerns like logging and metrics these all come out of the box when using Axle. Besides that, it simplifies setting up common application features like messaging integration, Quartz scheduling and Hystrix resilience. In addition to that, it provides standardised REST support. Think in terms of Swagger support, the configuration of data conversion defaults and providing problem handling.

Listen and check if something like Axle could help you or your organisation.


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