Curiosity is the common denominator for our Business Analysts

Season 2021, Episode 85
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What is the key competence of our business analysts (BA) We talked about domain knowledge, tech affinity and building bridges between stakeholders and software engineers. Sometimes the business analyst is almost seen as a project manager. Aligning with product owners is key in this role.

What the episode covers

Every business analysts within fills in this role differently but about one thing they are very clear; for our business analysts curiosity is key.

Time to dive into this BA role. We see this role as a key to success in our multidisciplinary product teams. They form a bridge between the stakeholders with their business requirements and the software engineers providing the tech solutions.


  • Adinda Biesbroeck – BA Retailer portal – 5 years at
  • Naomi Platenburg – BA Capacity Management Warehousing – Daily steering – started in March after an internship.
  • Mitch de Vries – BA Team 15 C – Contract en Condition management in Retailer1 - 3 years at

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