2021 Wrapped

Season 2021, Episode 98
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This episode is 2021 Techlab Wrapped. Inspired by one of the platforms that host our podcast Spotify. It is the end of Season 3 and the end of 2021. Time to look back and to look ahead.

What the episode covers

2021 Wrapped and maybe a glimpse into 2022.

  • We look back at 2021 by the numbers.
    • Top 3 lists
    • Top 5 countries
  • We discuss the topics and episodes that really got us.
  • We share the plans of 2022 and the OKR we set ourselves: "we get on TikTok and you get to decide what dance we should perform if we double our listeners on the best episode ever"


Peter Brouwers

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Peter Paul van de Beek

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