Coaching – more impact with Human Systems Engineering

On 11-09-2019
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Coaching – more impact with Human Systems Engineering

In this podcast, we talk with two of our coaches in tech about making an impact on the performance of teams and people. The reference they use to do this is called Human System Engineering.

In we have different types of coaches with different focus areas. Outside tech, or wide so to say, we have coaches for careers, personal coaches and SPARK coaches. SPARK is our holocracy/network way of working.

Burgert joined recently and was asked to reflect on what he encountered during his first months. We preach autonomy which brings a lot, but all good things have a ‘dark side’ so he says. Suzanne and Burgert share great examples of how they are looking at people and teams. The approach they use is Human Systems Engineering. They share some insights and how to impact the performance.


Suzanne Heerschop; Coach in Tech focusing on the Shopping area and fanatic sketch noter. Using drawing as a second language to create a better understanding. She acts as an ambassador of visual impact. Trying to build a community of people like to engage with others this way.

Burgert Kirsten; Coach in tech, focusing on the Logistics area with a love for improv theatre.


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek

Show Notes

Our holocracy way of working is discussed by Harm Jans in this podcast.

Coach for compliance or coach with compassion

Human Systems Engineering (HSE)

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