Video: How does IT work?

Over 1200 people work at and our IT department consists of more than 350 engineers, clustered into 60 cross-functional teams. These teams are all grouped in fleets and spaces.

Our challenge in 3 videos

Staying organized at this scale is definitely a challenge. To make this happen, we optimize for autonomy, mastery, purpose and ownership. This allows us to respond to change and innovate very fast. Often people ask us how we are doing this. They want to know how our organization works. They like to understand how a team looks like at And many more questions have been asked about our culture.

To answer these (and more) questions and to share our story with you, we have created a set of 3 videos. These videos are created by our own awesome IT colleagues and Jurriaan Kamer (Organizational Designer @ Agile CIO). We are proud to share our retail and tech story with you and hope you will enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Thank you

I like to thank Jurriaan for his great help in creating this video and for his outside-in view on our way-of-working.

And of course I like to thank our colleagues Mihaela, Natalia, Joost, Maikel, Maurice and Wyko!

Enjoy watching!

Part 1: How are we organised?

Part 2: How do we organize management & coordination?

Part 3: How do we use technology?