Integration testing Pub/Sub interactions in your application

    Mark Krijgsman, on 18-02-2020
    Category: Development

    As part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google provides Pub/Sub as its queuing mechanism. After creating a Pub/Sub topic in GCP, you can create publishers to send messages to a topic and subscribers to receive messages from a topic. In order to send or receive Pub/Sub messages from GCP, you can choose to authenticate with GCP through user account or service account credentials. This has one disadvantage; when running your build either locally or on a build server such as Gitlab, your application will attempt to communicate with GCP for its Pub/Sub interactions. Your build will either…

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    Everybody is a UX Researcher

    Marieke Linssen, on 5-02-2020
    Category: Blog, Interaction Design, Interaction Design, UX

    You are a UX researcher, and you are a UX researcher… Everybody is a UX researcher! That’s kind of our approach to user centered design at Does it make the whole process more customer minded? Definitely. Does that improve research quality? Maybe not. Is it scary? Sometimes, but pizza’s and buddies help. And in our experience, it’s worth every bit of effort. We hosted the UX Insight’s meetup at our office in Utrecht in January. We started with food, followed by a presentation and finished off the evening with…

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    Introducing Stanley: highway to (heaven) BigQuery

    Deepank Gupta, Sourygna Luangsay, on 19-11-2019
    Category: Architecture, Cloud, Business Intelligence, Development

    Yes, it’s confirmed! is going to the Cloud! The contract with Google has been recently signed, which gives us about 1 year to migrate from Platfora (our BI visualization tool), before it stops having support.   1 year thus to migrate many datasets and dashboards to the Cloud. The tools in Google Cloud are great, and our colleagues are too; so, what could possibly go wrong?… At least this is what we thought in 2017… Our Big Data situation in 2017 was storing its Big Data on Hadoop…

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    Refactoring your code

    Jasper van Heijst, on 17-09-2019
    Category: Blog, Architecture, Development

    It’s common sense of course to keep your codebase clean all the time, but this isn’t always the case. It simply happens that a codebase grows in ways that were not foreseen on forehand resulting in an unclear architecture or dirty code (that must be the opposite of clean code). In this article I’d like to share our experience in dealing with such a situation, why we needed to refactor, what we did and how it improved our codebase. Why you need to refactor Modern software engineering is an agile…

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    Spaces Summit – Launching for the 3rd edition

    Niels Kuiper, on 7-06-2019
    Category: Culture, Development, Events

    On June 13th, we organize the third edition of Spaces Summit: an internal tech conference for and by IT. From the start of the idea three years ago at a “borrel” (Friday afternoon drinks), Spaces Summit has become the biggest event inside IT to get inspired, learn, share knowledge, show off and get together as a community . This third edition will again be bigger than last year: a total of 500 attendees (150 more than last year!), an unusual afternoon keynote, inspiring talks on a variety of subjects, good…

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    Meetup: Angular and Progressive Web Apps

    Peter Paul van de Beek, on 5-06-2019
    Category: Development, Events

    On Wednesday the 26th of June will host a meetup about Angular and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Lars Meijdam en Marcel Visser (both Team Rockstars IT) will present on Progressive Web Apps. What are these PWA’s? What sets them apart from native apps? How to create them? Stefan Nieuwhuis will dive into taming huge enterprise applications with Mono repos, Design Systems & Web Components. Program 17.30 -18.30 Welcome, food and drinks 18.30 – 19.15 Progressive Web Apps – Lars Meijdam en Marcel Visser – Rockstars IT 19.15 – 19.45…

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    Meetup: René Feiner (MessageBird) & Maarten Dirkse ( – Migrating to the cloud

    Leon van Tegelen, on 9-05-2019
    Category: Cloud, Development, Events

    On Wednesday the 15th of May will host a meetup about migrating from on-prem to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). After dinner is served, René Feiner, director of engineering at MessageBird will kick off the evening and talk about how and why they moved from their datacenter to GCP. Then, after a short break, Maarten Dirkse, cloud advocate at, will discuss’s ongoing migration to GCP and what lessons they have learned along the way. So if you’re interested in why companies migrate to the cloud and how…

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    The life of a WMS consultant at

    Jeroen Ligthart, on 7-01-2019
    Category: Blog, Culture is growing with approximately 30% per year, not just in terms of revenues but also operationally. With these increasing numbers it’s an on-going challenge to fulfil all customer orders in time. Year in year out we’re pushing both logistical operations and IT to their limits; two elements that come together in the role of a WMS (Warehouse Management System) Consultant. it’s our job to design and build scalable solutions in the WMS to improve stability and operational efficiency.

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