UX Research to support the partners on our platform

On 1-11-2019
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UX Research to support the partners on our platform

In this episode, we talk about User Interfaces (UI) and User Experience(UX). Since this is a very visible topic, everybody has an opinion on it. Even though I’m not working on our webshop I get unsolicited feedback on a regular basis.

Where a lot of the UX Design discussion focuses on our webshop. We choose another focus for this episode. The UI that is not common to most of our users but is very much needed for a large part of our 23.000 plaza partners. The Seller DashboarD or SDD in short. The User Interface for other retailers that sell on our platform. This is a substantial part of the turnover that starts here. So, let’s talk about UX Research focused on the platform.

The Seller Dashboard is implemented in the SWAPS that we discussed in an earlier episode of the podcast. We have looked at UX for the webshop before and discussed voice interaction patterns.



Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek

Show Notes

Explanation of NPS

Partner involvement in action: Vote as a partner on the next technical improvements

Task Driven User Interfaces



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