TypeScript, where we love strict

On 22-01-2021
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TypeScript, where we love strict
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It sparked in the episode Interactive heavy applications we should record a podcast episode on TypeScript. Around the same time, we came in contact with Hackages. A company focusing on learning tech. Time to bring the engineers together and dive deeper into TypeScript.

Typescript is mentioned amongst the 5 most promising languages in 2020.

We talk about:

  • What is typescript and how do you benefit?
  • What are good implementation strategies?
    • Bol.com examples
    • Examples from Hackages
  • Maturity in the usage of Typescript


  • Niels van Midden; Front End software engineer at bol.com
  • Davy Engone; Software Engineer at Hackages (the– The guy that is going to make you use/adapt TypeScript
  • Kasper Peulen; Fullstack engineer at bol.com with focus on Front End


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek


Refactoring your code blogpost, one of the areas typescript is being used in bol.com

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