The Podcast Guest – Podcast

On 1-07-2021
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The Podcast Guest – Podcast

Who is the Podcast Guest?

This will be a bonus episode. Maybe not that tech-related but instead you will listen to a very energetic, passionate and inspiring person: The Podcast Guest. Who knows a lot about asking the right questions and working in teams. And following one of the topics of our last episode, a lot of curiosity is involved.

We invited the Podcast Guest (de podcastgast), or actually, he invited himself… His goal is to join 100 different podcasts in 2021. And he is very enthusiastic about his goal. Since we are a friendly and helpful community we decide to have him on the show. In return, he offered us a first: his first appearance in an English spoken show.

On his website, he writes: help me closer to my goals of 100 and I help you by my energetic, cosy and direct mouth being me….. let’s find out what this means. It could very well be that we also help him to achieve one of his next goals: to appear in the Dutch show “Wie is de mol?

You muster that inner flame of interest – Matthijs Kooiker

What we discussed

  • The ‘why phase’ of a kid as a great example on how to use it in your daily job;
  • Is an e-sport a sport? as an example on how to approach tensionable discussion topics;
  • What is teamwork? as an example on how to start good discussions in the team;
  • If you notice something, point it out, the way to trigger improvements;
  • Attack assumptions, everybody knows they are the mother of all f*ck ups;
  • Asking for help and what is help actually to avoid the pitfall of saying yes to everything.


  • Matthijs Kooiker; The Podcast Guest, wants to be a guest in 100 different podcasts in 2021.


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek


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