Small Web Apps

On 10-10-2019
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Small Web Apps

Our Small Web Apps or SWAPs, in short, are something like the SOA for Front-End. We aim for separate deployable parts of the Front-End we have available for our Plaza partners, suppliers and internal users.

In the Front-End we also encountered that we had teams waiting for each other before they could bring functionality to Pro. Basically, because the Front-End became a monolith.

Besides that, people realized that we needed to deliver the same functionality in different Front-Ends. For instance content management for our internal product managers and for our external sellers (Plaza partners). 

We had to fix both these issues and came up with what we call Small Web Apps. That can be separately deployed and work together in a portal. At the same time, they can be used in the portal that faces the plaza partners and the internal users.


Elinor Bakker; IT Architect responsible for the introduction of SWAPS back in 2015.

Stefan Nieuwenhuis; Software Engineer in the retailer assortment domain and SWAP advocate.


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek

Show Notes

SWAPs: From monolith to small web applications

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