Looking back at 55 episodes

On 16-07-2020
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Looking back at 55 episodes

We changed roles for this unique episode. And why is that? We are going to look back on the first 55 episodes. So, Peter Paul and Peter will be the guests of this show and Niels Kuiper and Bruno Lauwers will be your host.

Our motto is ‘sharing is caring’. So, practise what you preach and share the podcast journey as well. That was what we had in mind. We share how it all started over a year ago. We dive into the learnings and memorable moments. We were asked about our dreams and plans for the next 55 episodes. What did we learn from each other? We share our own favourite podcasts and of course the advice we can give to people that want to start. Spoiler: just start and have fun….


Peter Brouwers – Team manager in IT. He started as a Service Delivery Manager and is now leading one of our Site Reliability Teams, Project Leads and Software Architects.

Peter Paul van de Beek – Working as an IT team manager in bol.com. Started at bol.com as software engineer and turned to  IT architect.


Niels Kuiper – Software engineer and Cloud liaison, also in last– and this year’s edition in the podcast about Spaces Summit so a friend of the show!

Bruno Lauwers – Software developer at bol.com and conference host and public speaker on the side


The favourite podcasts of Peter and Peter Paul:

BNR de Technoloog, F1 aan Tafel, over transformaties, de pacer, NOS formule 1 podcast, Ladybug podcast (EN), Echt gebeurd, Man Man Man, Land of the Giants

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