On 27-11-2019
Category: Podcast


The angle for this episode of our podcast is hackathons. At the time of the recording, there was one going on in our headquarters in Utrecht. What is a hackathon? Why do we organise them? And we talk about some of the initiatives at the current hackathon.

The results of the hackathon were showed during the demotime a week after the hackathon. Out of the 20 projects the jury came up with a top 3 and handed over the cup.

Hackathon Demo Time

Demo Time – Jury handing over the First Price!


  • Kardelen Hatun – Software engineer in the Retails Platform Space and organiser of this edition of the hackathon.
  • Edith Kanters – One of our robotics enthusiasts. So, guess what her project is about….
  • Anastasija Efremovska – Software Engineer for our Tech Platform.
  • Andras Herczeg – Software engineer, one of our Young Professionals.


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek

Show notes

Some of our hackathon projects make it to PRO.