GraphQL – start but start small

On 13-01-2021
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GraphQL – start but start small
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We want to share our approach to IT to learn and entertain you. In this episode, we are happy to have an external guest at the table discussing with our internal guest.

GraphQL stands for Graph Query Language and is used for interacting with services from the frontend. We are talking about API’s here. Explore with us the possibilities this approach has to offer and how it could even help you to speeds up innovation in the front-end.

Like our guest mentions:

GraphQL is a specification not an implementation


We discussed the following topics

  • What is GraphQL?
  • What problems does it solve?
  • When should you avoid it?
  • Do you need additional security measures?
  • How is it used at
  • What is (a)typical for the use of this Query Language at
  • What does a development team need to get started?
  • How do you document what you can query?
  • What is the future?


  • Albert Groothedde – Software engineer Frontmen / Rabobank used GraphQL both on front-end and back-end side at several clients
  • Eduardo Gomez – Software engineer used GraphQL on the back-end side.


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek


Falcor JS – Netflix 

GraphQL vs. Falcor (Netflix)

Apollo GraphQL Data Graph Platform




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