Google Assistant – The potential of brand recognition

On 18-02-2021
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Google Assistant – The potential of brand recognition


In July 2019 we had our first podcast episode on voice and Google Assistant. Back then Marieke and Marvin introduced us to the future of interaction by voice. In this episode, we dive into the potential of brand recognition.

Many people in The Netherlands will recognize the voice we use in our commercials on radio, television and social media as the voice of The value of this brand recognition is the starting point of the journey to get this voice into the Google Assistant. By doing so we differentiate from our competitors who are using the ‘regular’ Google Assistant voice.

Join us to see how we can increase brand recognition with Google Assistant.



Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek


In an earlier episode, we explained how we started our voice journey and enabled Voice control with (Ok Google)

Google Dialogueflow



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