Women in Tech

Season 1, Episode 27
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This episode is on women in tech. Our guests are two speakers at the upcoming European Women in Tech Conference later this month in Amsterdam. To be honest, if we look at the hosts of this podcast and if we look at our guest list of the past episodes...

What the episode covers

It is still a subject that requires attention.

In an earlier episode we talked about diversity in terms of cultural aspects and in this episode we might find out what the women/men diversity brings into tech. At least that was the idea when we started. It turned into an interesting talk about among other things feedback, personal leadership and vulnerability. So not necessarily the women in tech episode. Interesting for all of of us. Hope you enjoy it.


  • Petra Heesink; Started as a test engineer in development and became an Agile Coach in the Content and Marketing domain in 2018.
  • Linda Viksne; Software Engineer in bol.com joined in July. Latvian-born Scotland-bred biomedical scientist turned software developer.

Show notes

The mindset intervention - IT professionals taking the lead the talk by Petra and Linda at European Women in Tech.

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