Transforming your experimentation knowledge into a book

Season 2022, Episode 99
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We are not only the hosts of the show but so far we also do the selection of the topics ourselves. Research what’s interesting. Find diverse subjects and guests, etc.

What the episode covers

And sometimes guests make it easier for us. They post on our internal platform a message….

“What is the superlative of bragging? I don't think I can go any further than telling you that I co-wrote a book. And of course, it's about experimentation Yesterday I received the first copy in my hands, and it is of course for sale at 

The book is called “Steering on results”, how to work together on the greatest ambitions. Work smarter not harder. (So far only available in Dutch but English translation is being worked on). And since this week we know that the book is on the long list of books to become Management book of the year in 2022. A Dutch award organized by one of our partners (how can I check if this is true?)

This triggered us in two ways:

First – what is the book about?

Learning by three elements

  1. Data
  2. Tangible Objectives
    1. Introduction of CRAFT: Create, Refine, Align, Finalize & Transmit (CRAFT)
    2. Introduction of Objectives, Progress Metrics & Estimates (OPME’s), in we refer to this one as OKR's.

3. thorough research methods

Second – How is it to start writing a book?

  • So we know how it started, let’s find out what it is to become an author next to your job
  • When did it start?
  • Why did you choose to do it?
  • How did you work together?
  • What steps did you take?
  • Did you already have experience in writing?
  • Was it according to expectations?
  • What were the learnings?
  • Do you advise others to write a book?


We have an award-winning guest:

Denise Visser; According to Linked in it says Product Manager Experimentation at and freelancer.

You probably know Denise from a previous show about experimentation.

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