The YP Bookclub - Never Split the Difference

Season 2021, Episode 74
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Introduction Another week another book discussion. Maybe we can start a second Techlab Podcast dedicated to interesting books? We got some great responses on the last week’s episode about team topologies and we had a good opportunity. So it is time for the Never Split the Difference - Podcast. In earlier episodes, we talked with YP’s about their side projects (behind the mask - platform for the hospital to share experiences and Real-time sales dashboard), about the YP program itself and participating in competitions, the BAPC2020. This time we sit together with representatives of the YP program because they started something really cool.

What the episode covers

The YP Bookclub. And why do I think it so cool? Because they came up with a title I wouldn’t think of Never split the difference Authors: Chris Voss Tahl Raz. Chris Voss is a former FBI hostage international kidnapping negotiator and in this book he takes you inside the world of high-stakes negotiations, revealing the skills that helped him and his colleagues succeed where it mattered most: saving lives.

So, how is this relevant to our YP’s in

  • First, we discuss the idea behind the YP Bookclub and the format.
  • After that, we dive into the book and what the learnings are.
  • We connect these learning to the daily job of engineers in general and Young Professionals in particular. And think about how Never split the Difference - podcast could be interesting for you.


  • Priyanka Radja; Software Engineer • IT - Selling Assortment Fintech – Offer Highway
  • Chris Langhout; Software Engineer • IT - Selling Assortment Fintech – Offer Highway

Show notes

Akerman model – 65% of the price, 85%, 95%. Increments from big to smaller.

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