The state of Reactive Streams

Season 1, Episode 28
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The state of Reactive Streams - watch the presentation and listen to the podcast. International Keynote speaker Oleh Dokuka gave a presentation on the state of Reactive Streams at We took advantage of this opportunity and interviewed him for the podcast.

What the episode covers

The Reactive Streams specification is state of the art for asynchronous, non-blocking data streams with the fine-grained flow control. Clearly, that was done for a good future... but, does it have any future nowadays? How other programming ecosystems reacted to the appearance of the reactive-streams standard and did they adopted that standard?

presentation starts at 6:25.


Oleh Dokuka is a senior software engineer at Netifi and co-author of the book, “Hands-On Reactive Programming in Spring 5”. He is an active committer to Project Reactor and RSocket, as well as a contributor to Reactive GRPC. In 2019, he was a finalist in the Oracle Groundbreaker Awards in recognition of his expertise with Java.

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